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Webinar on New Therapies for Osteoporosis, Amgen Company


By ادمین بهستان 22 Sep/ 0 Comment

The program was held on June 19th with the retraining score and the focus of the professors of Mashhad University and the lecture of rheumatologists, such as Dr. Nobakht, Dr. Nohesara, and Dr. Sabbaqan, Spine Surgery Fellowship.

Considering the fact that the treatment of osteoporosis has been neglected by orthopedic specialists, an attempt was made to use this webinar to discuss this topic and especially the introduction of the drug Denosumab (Prolia) as a first-line treatment for osteoporosis. The number of participants was more than 100 and included orthopaedists, internalists, and rheumatology specialists.

Topics included the management of osteoporosis, its treatments, as well as an overview on spine surgery procedures, the latter of which was welcomed by orthopedists with appropriate feedback because it had never been seen in similar webinars.

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