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Webinar "Metastatic colorectal cancer"


By ادمین بهستان 3 Oct/ 0 Comment

Webinar "Metastatic colorectal cancer" in collaboration with the oncology team of Amgen Company and the Iranian Clinical Oncology Association

The Multidisciplinary webinar was held on Thursday, August 5, in collaboration with the Clinical Oncology Association and with the participation of professors in the fields of radiotherapy and oncology, pathology, surgery and also with the presence of a foreign speaker from Egypt, at Press TV studio. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Ahmad Mafi, Radiotherapy and Oncology Specialist, Assistant Professor of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences. Scientific programs have emphasized this. At the beginning, Dr. Ahmad Mafi, as the scientific secretary and moderator of the program, spoke about the purpose of holding this webinar, introducing the speakers and the topics discussed. Other speakers of this webinar are Professor Mohammad Abdullah, Professor of Clinical Oncology and Head of GIT Tumors, Cairo University, Egypt, Dr. Ali Yaghoubi Jouybari, Radiotherapist of Oncology and Assistant Professor, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Dr. Hamid Saeedi Saedi , Dr. Soheil Vajdani was a radiotherapy oncologist, Dr. Amineh Vaqefi was a pathologist and hematopathologist from Spain and the Fellowship in Genetic Cancer from the United States, Dr. Amir Mohsen Jalaeifar was an associate professor of cancer surgery and an associate professor of cancer surgery at Tehran University of Medical Sciences. In the program, points such as reviewing genetic markers of colorectal metastatic cancer, choosing the effective primary treatment method and surgical attitude in these patients, as well as the selected treatment method in patients with left and BRAF and RAS wild type tumors and maintenance treatment challenges were discussed. The purpose of holding this webinar was to use the knowledge of experienced professors in the field of treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer in different parts of Iran and the world. This webinar, which also had retraining points, was very well received.

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