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Scientific webinar of Iran Orthopedic Association: Amgen Company


By ادمین بهستان 22 Sep/ 0 Comment

In line with Behestan Darou's support of scientific programs, Amgen Company sponsored the Orthopedic Association Program on May 27th.

The program was held in the morning and in the evening with lectures by prominent professors of orthopedics, including Dr. Mortazavi, Dr. Gerami, Dr. Javid, Dr. Dehghani, Dr. Siavashi, Dr. Norouzi, and in the presence of Dr. Razi and the secretary of the association. Dr. Moradi.

The webinar was presented on osteoporosis and drug treatment with Prolia by Dr. Kavousi, a rheumatologist, and received a lot of attention. Then, the participants' questions were answered by her. The program was well received by orthopedic physicians throughout Iran and had 3 retraining points.

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