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Scientific Webinar on Neonatal Cyanotic Heart Disease


By ادمین بهستان 3 Oct/ 0 Comment

Scientific Webinar on Neonatal Cyanotic Heart Disease, Pfizer Company in collaboration with Guilan Province Neonatal Association

On July 15th, a scientific webinar on neonatal cyanotic heart disease was held in the presence of neonatal professors and pediatric heart at 17 Shahrivar Hospital in Rasht. At the beginning of the session, Dr. Sadr al-Din Mehdipour (neonatal specialist) spoke about the prevalence of congenital heart disease and cyanosis of respiratory and cardiac origin and pulse oximeter screening, and then Dr. Esfandiar Nazari gave a speech on the role of drug interactions in maintaining arterial blood flow. At the end, Dr. Azadeh Ghiaei, Medical Representative of Pfizer Company, introduced PROSTIN VR drug and the place of using this drug in temporarily keeping the arterial duct open in infants with congenital heart defects and the importance of its availability in that center and how to use it and its dosage its use was fully explained in the presence of professors and assistants in the neonatal intensive care unit. At the end of the program, the questions were answered

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