• Hope project
    In this project we collected the bottle caps in order to protect environment and also support patients, we provided five wheelchairs for Radiotherapy and Oncology sections of “Shohada Tajrish” hospital on November 2015. This project called “Hope” and the aim was training patients to buildup creation and hope enhancement.

  • Cooperating with MOH and Gynecologists association to obligation the screening of Hepatitis B in pregnant women. We published pamphlets and brochures for patients’ awareness about Hepatitis B and distributed them in public areas in Tehran and Provinces.

  • Behestan Darou Planting tree program for saving the environment

    As part of Corporate Social Responsibility activity, Behestan Darou staff promoted planting 310 trees.
    Tree-planting event was held on 11th March 2017 at Hakim Park in Tehran which saw an overwhelming participation of more than 100 staff of Behestan Darou in this event.
    In this event Dr. Dindoust, managing director of Behestan Darou Company, Dr. Shokouhi, managing director of Behestan Behdasht and the head of supplement syndicate, Mr. Jafari, deputy of center for Environmental Management, Dr. Fazeli, director of environment section in region 6, Miss. Norouzi, head of empowerment section, Mr. Rasouli, mayor of region 6 in Tehran, Mr. Soleimani, deputy mayor in region 6 and other managers and experts in environmental headquarter attended.
    Tree planting activity has positive social and environmental outcomes. Trees capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and decrease air pollution.  Behestan staffs replaced the used papers by planting trees as well.

    Dr. Golnaz Fazeli who is the director of environment section in region 6 of Tehran said that “we had excellent performance in environment field, a few thousands of trees are planted in planting tree week, also today 310 trees are planted by Behestan Darou staffs and they received certificates for each planted tree. The kind of trees are Shiraz Cedar that needs a little water”.
    Dr. Fazeli also informed that we had many activities to use solar energy in this region and two building of municipality will equipped to solar energy system, so we encourage the companies for using solar energy. Also we predict moving to new energy sources within next five years. The companies who are intended to use solar energy, the municipality organization will support them with technical and consultancy services. The building of such companies will categorized as a Green building and they will awarded.